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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) – An early morning vandal left a Fargo family’s Corvette smashed and searching for clues to solve the case.

You can just barely see it in the family’s security footage as it unfolds just before four Sunday morning in the 700 block of 17th St. S., with the suspect kicking in the car’s back window and smashing its rearview mirrors. The Corvette was parked in the front yard, just feet from where Sharon Akin’s brother and his family were sleeping.

“Unfortunately, this is turning into typical behavior within our neighborhood,” Sharon Akin said. Akin’s brother is the owner of the Corvette and Akin lives just down the block from him.

While what happened is disappointing, Akin says she and her family aren’t totally shocked. She says the neighborhood has gained a lot of foot traffic over the last few years, and with it has been a lot of trouble.

“We’ve had several car break-ins. Both of my neighbors have had vehicle windows broken out, things stolen. We’ve found used needles, alcohol containers and bottles,” Akin said.

Both akin and other neighbors say the problems seem to stem from the apartment complexes near the area, but say so far, it hasn’t pushed them over the edge to want to move.

“We all have cameras up, security systems, we keep our houses locked, our cars locked, our garages locked. This is just what we deal with,” she said.

Akin says her brother has already installed more cameras. The family is hoping others in the area will look back at any footage they have from late Saturday night into early Sunday morning to better identify the man responsible.

“Anything suspicious, anybody running through the neighborhood, walking around in their yard, call Fargo Police,” Akin said. “All we can tell is that he’s tall and that he’s a male.”

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