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In 1963, Chevrolet started selling the second-generation Corvette, which was also known as the Sting Ray. Zora Arkus-Duntov and Bill Mitchel were the ones who designed the C2.

Designing the C2 was a daunting task, and Zora spent hours on end experimenting with the prototype to create a true successor to the C1. Finally, after much experimentation and toil, the Corvette C2 with one of the best designs was born. It had a pretty similar design to the C1. For instance, it had a very long nose, the fenders were very high, and even the cabin was packed down. In general, if we compare the C1 and the C2, we can say the design was very similar. Chevrolet sold the C2 from 1963 to 1967 and laid the foundation for the many Corvettes to come.

Fasten your seatbelts as we take a trip down memory lane and find out what made the iconic Corvette tick. Here is a detailed look back at the Chevrolet Corvette C2.

History Of The Corvette C2

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Let’s first look back to when the production of the Corvette C2 was started. Chevrolet’s vision was to make sure that the owner of the C2 should get better handling and better performance. Plans of the C2 included an increase in the cabin space to make it more comfortable for the riders with a bit of extra room for luggage.

Significant upgrades were brought in the XP-720, the program that calibrated the design. Chevy was trying to make the car more practical, so the target audience would not be limited to people who wanted sports cars and be suitable for every type of person. Zora wanted the vehicle to have the car’s vents be functional, but they had to opt for artificial ones due to cost reasons.

Keeping practicality in mind, the C2 ended up having twice as much of the steel used in it. But that would result in lower performance, and the C2 was essentially a performance car at its core. To ensure that the car’s weight was not to be increased too much, they added fiberglass instead, making the C2 even lighter than the previous generation.

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Changes Observed from 1963 to 1967 In The Corvette C2


1963 was the year when the Corvette C2 made a massive profit for Chevrolet. It was such a hit in the American market that people waited months for delivery. The demand went way over the supply. Chevrolet also offered an optional purchase for a four disc-brake in the 1963 Corvette.

Then came 1965, where the four-disc was made standard in all models, and the big-block engines were introduced. Corvette didn’t bring about a drastic change in the interiors, but minor tweaks were made like removing vinyl and modifying the instrument cluster.

It was the year 1967 when a vast performance upgrade was made, the monstrous L88 block engines were introduced, and Chevrolet claimed that it produced 450 HP. Still, when individual testers put the C2’s performance to the test, they noticed it efficiently produced 500 HP. Related: 10 Things We Just Learned About The 1971 Chevrolet Corvette ZR2

Interior, Exterior, And The Performance Of The Corvette C2

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Chevy produced the C1 as a convertible option, but they later decided to ditch that design. The C2 had a really long hood coupled with a sleek frame that made it very desirable. Corvette’s design exuded a sports car appeal with a muscle heritage that drew people towards it.

Over its production run, the exterior of the C2 kept changing, and customers loved the 1963 coupe the most. It came with a rear split window, but the Chevy discontinued the split window in 1964, as it was difficult for the riders to look behind while driving.

The headlights of the Corvette C2 were definitely iconic, and they were one of the most appealing features in the car’s design. The headlights were highly appreciated by fans. Because of all the love, Chevrolet didn’t change the headlights till the C6 debuted in 2005.

The car never had a trunk, and that made it difficult to carry luggage for anyone who traveled for longer distances. This contradicted the vehicle’s design as it looked very long.

Compared to its predecessor, the Corvette C1, which is still loved by many car enthusiasts and has been used in TV shows like Lucifer.

The C2 is one of the most iconic Corvettes and car enthusiasts and collectors today would pay big bucks to get their hands on a good condition C2.

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